Congratulations to the AFC 04G (Previously AFC 05G) team for winning 2nd Place in Arlington and missing 1st by one point! An incredible accomplishment when you realize that with the age pure splits that occurred last summer, this is a brand new team with only four returning players from last year’s AFC 05G team. An even more unreal achievement when you look back and see that last year’s AFC team had a very disappointing 1 win season. Yes, they had 1 win, 13 losses, and 4 ties scoring only 7 goals while surrendering a whopping 50 GA. This year’s revamped squad had an awesome 14 wins, 3 losses, and 4 ties, including going undefeated over the eventual 1st Place team. Last year, they had the worst scoring offense and this year they had the best! They almost flipped the GA number from last year and scored 49 goals in league play to lead their league.
Other highlights include winning the John E. Oubre Memorial Tourney in Granbury and the FC Dallas Winter Classic. At one point during tourney and league play, these amazing ladies went on a 33 GF to 1 GA streak, reeling off 23 straight, over a 12 game stretch! Playing hard this entire year, these girls have only 9 losses in their 36 games this entire season.
This fiercely competitive group has scored an incredible 82 goals this season! The girls have one more tourney to play this year to try and grab an unprecedented third tourney Championship this year… Go AFC!
The girls know that they could not do this without their families supporting them every step of the way so a huge “Thank You” to everyone!